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TPO Roofing

TPO Roofing

When building the roof for the Friends Center for Children in New Haven Eagel Rivet chose to use Thermoplastic PolyOlefin or as its more commonly known, TPO roofing, due to its versatility and durability. We were able to not only install TPO for the flat roof, but it was also used for the insulation. The Boston TPO roof membrane reflects sunlight and is extremely energy efficient. It’s energy benefits make this building a ‘greener’ building due to its reflectivity and ability to absorb less heat from sunlight into the roof. The building spends less money on energy costs, having an EPA Energy Star qualification.

TPO comes in many different styles, thickness, and properties. With increasing popularity, it has been the option both contractors and homeowners have chosen in recent years. It is a durable material, and resists heat, corrosion and degradation from ozone, UV rays from sunlight, and harsh chemicals. TPO is the material that many contractors prefer due to the ease of installation, its puncture resistance properties, and overall strength.

TPO is designed for reliability and a long term solution for your roofing needs. Its formulated with flexibility and pliability to allow for ease of installation and resistance to damage. It’s unique formula is able to withstand a mixture of weather conditions from moderate to extreme. This is perfect for a building in New Haven, due to the four distinct seasons with extreme winters.

If you are interested in TPO for your roof, don’t hesitate to contact us! We offer free roofing evaluations, so we can let you know if TPO is the right material for your roof. Since there are many types of TPO membranes, be sure to consult with a professional roofing contractor before deciding on a TPO product, for those customers in the northern parts of New England contact our Massachusettes office for all your roofing needs. We will be happy to help you find the TPO product that is uniquely made for your home,.

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