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Storm Damage Solutions

exterior storm damage

Storm Damage Solutions

Severe Weather Damage

Severe weather such as hurricanes or tropical storms bring high winds, heavy rain, and destruction. While you can take steps to prepare your building, storms are unpredictable and you may suffer unexpected damage. If your building suffers from storm damage, it is crucial that you handle it right away, and we can help.

Threats to Your Building

Heavy storms can take down trees and stir up debris. Falling branches can puncture your roof while leaves and other debris clog the drains. These problems might not be immediately evident after a storm, but if ignored, your building will suffer immensely at the next drop of rain. This is why post-storm inspections are vital. Our team of professionals can inspect your building for any exterior damage and repair it promptly.

Storm Services We Offer

We offer several services to ensure your building is safe and secure after a major storm. Those services include:

  • Full exterior and roof inspection following the storm
      • Document any catastrophic damage
      • Confirm HVAC equipment is intact
      • Check that all rooftop and HVAC access doors are secure
  • Interview all MOD’s and tenants of active leaks and repair while onsite
  • Ensure drains are clear of debris

Work With Professionals

Don’t let your building suffer. Contact our team at Eagle Rivet to mend any storm damage and ensure your building is safe and secure.

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