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Roof Coatings & Membranes From the Best Manufacturers

Roof Coatings & Membranes From the Best Manufacturers

Eagle Rivet carries a wide range of roofing membranes, insulation and materials from high-quality and reputable manufacturers. Consistency, quality and good service are the criteria by which Eagle Rivet picks product lines, which is why we don’t get angry phone calls from clients telling us how the roof that was supposed to last until Judgment Day just got blown inside out by a spring breeze and landed edgewise on top of the family minivan.

Did we mention reputable? GAF Corporation was founded in 1886, not long after the lightbulb was invented. Today, it’s still going strong, as a maker of built-up roofing. With GAF’s 125 years of experience, all the layers of your BUR roofing will harmoniously stack into the architectural equivalent of a delicious cake, instead of sliding apart or coming detached due to temperature variations.

Flat roof coatings and waterproof membranes are materials that work best if installed properly the first time around, since it doesn’t matter how water-resistant 90% of the roof is, if 10% of it contains gaps and leaks. Elastomeric coatings from Topps fit the bill, since these rubbery substances are not only waterproof, but also elastic enough to accommodate deformations due to heat expansion and other factors without cracking or springing leaks. Finally, elastomeric membranes and coatings such as EPDM roofing can be a component of so-called “cool roofs” – roofs that are colored white, in order to reflect sunlight. This has the effect of dramatically reducing the temperature in the building, especially the upper floors, and lower cooling costs in the summer.

BUR is great for large, flat commercial roofs, but a pitched roof needs a different solution. Many people choose metal roofing, for its strength and durability. While metal is naturally susceptible to rust, a metal roof won’t corrode if it’s installed, insulated and waterproofed properly. Same goes for commercial metal roofing, whether flat or peaked.

Get your roofing from Eagle Rivet, and be sure that the materials will always last, and will always be right for the job.

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