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Protecting Your Commercial Roof from Snow Damage This Winter

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Protecting Your Commercial Roof from Snow Damage This Winter

Heavy snow and ice buildup can be a problem for commercial roofs in parts of the northeast. The unpredictability of the weather can sometimes leave business owners hoping for a mild winter. Eventually, though, a brutal storm or cold snap will arrive, making it essential that managers prepare for the worst. Fortunately, a solid plan, as well as a partnership with a professional roofing contractor, can handle just about any situation.

At Eagle Rivet Roofing, we have the services businesses need to keep a roof strong during the coldest months. A few timely and straightforward actions go a long way toward preventing winter roof problems.

Maintenance History

Facility managers should always keep up on the roof’s condition and review the maintenance history going into winter. Several elements can be good predictors of the strength of a roofing system:

A regular inspection is always a good idea and will provide vital information on the roof’s condition. Minor maintenance such as gutter cleaning can also help, as well as the clearing of branches and other debris. If a company has the protection of a flat roof, snow removal during heavy snow is imperative.

Smart Preparation

Building managers should have a plan if the snow and ice become a problem. This typically involves snow removal from a professional company. Removing the snow and ice should help the roofing system survive and prevent leakage into the building. Emergency repairs could also be needed at this time.

Eagle Rivet Roofing provides a variety of services that can help your commercial roof make it through the winter intact. This includes snow removal for flat and pitched roofs, the removal of ice dams, and the clearing of gutters and downspouts. Contact us today to get a free quote for your next snow removal job.

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