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Plan Ahead: Schedule A Roofing Inspection Now


Plan Ahead: Schedule A Roofing Inspection Now

Ranging from labor issues to stoppages and disruptions in supply chains, access to materials has been scarce in recent years. Limited goods and services are still coming up short in meeting growing demands. As the global supply chain disruption continues, here are a few reasons why planning ahead is the best way to ensure that your roofing project will run as smoothly as possible while supplies are low. 

Supply Shortages Push Installation Dates 

Contractors are working as smart and diligently storing materials and scheduling months in advance. Even then, many are forced to communicate the dire circumstances and the genuine possibility of shifting installation dates to customers. However, in the long run, being transparent will keep customers realistic of the timeline and also set a level of trust.

Schedule Inspections Now to Plan Ahead 

If your roof needs replacement immediately, professionals can extend its life until the supplies and labor can be secured to complete the job. Keep in mind that several other businesses are likely already waiting, so schedule your inspection as soon as possible.

Extend the Life of Your Commercial Roof 

Even if your roof is in poor condition, professionals are available to inspect and identify which repairs will prolong the life of your roof. Extending the life of your roof, even if you have to wait longer than expected for a new roof, will help protect the integrity of your commercial building. The weather in Bloomfield and surrounding areas can be particularly wet and snowy. Keeping your commercial roof free from any weak spots or damage will help prevent any external and internal damages. 


Schedule an inspection for your commercial roof today so that you can begin planning for replacement or repairs. Contact Eagle Rivet for commercial roofing in Connecticut and the surrounding areas.

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