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Choosing the Right Commercial Roofing Repair Contractor: Tips and Tricks

commercial roofing repair contractor

We often don’t give our roofs much more than a passing thought, at least until something goes wrong. From tropical storms to leaks, a damaged commercial roof can take time and money away from your business. Acting quickly is the best way to protect your building and your assets. It will also help you to get operations […]

The Benefits of Commercial Roof Cleaning: Maintaining Your Investment

commercial roof cleaning

What if you were unknowingly throwing thousands of dollars down the drain? No, we’re not talking about a bad stock investment or a failed venture. We’re discussing something so common yet so often overlooked: the roof of your commercial building. Many businesses focus on interiors, technology, or marketing while ignoring the crucial aspect of commercial […]

How Long Does a Metal Roof Last? Factors That Affect Durability

how long does a metal roof last

Businesses across the US are adopting more and more physical locations. In 2021, businesses with physical sites were up 7% when compared to 2019. Part of owning or renting a brick-and-mortar business is maintaining your property. This includes roof installation when your existing roof needs an upgrade. If you’re considering your options, you might be wondering, […]

Protecting Your Commercial Roof from Snow Damage This Winter

winter damage

Heavy snow and ice buildup can be a problem for commercial roofs in parts of the northeast. The unpredictability of the weather can sometimes leave business owners hoping for a mild winter. Eventually, though, a brutal storm or cold snap will arrive, making it essential that managers prepare for the worst. Fortunately, a solid plan, […]

Winter Ready Commercial Roofs

commercial roof

No matter what part of the country you live in, prepping your commercial roof for winter is part of yearly scheduled maintenance that keeps your whole building in proper working order. Keeping your roof free of damages ensures that your structure will also better withstand winter weather. Find out how Eagle Rivet Roofing can help […]

Plan Ahead: Schedule A Roofing Inspection Now


Ranging from labor issues to stoppages and disruptions in supply chains, access to materials has been scarce in recent years. Limited goods and services are still coming up short in meeting growing demands. As the global supply chain disruption continues, here are a few reasons why planning ahead is the best way to ensure that […]

Historic Building Roof Repair for Choate Hall

On the evening of July 22, 2019, the roof of Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, CT was struck with lightning inciting a roof fire. After the fire had been extinguished and the damage had been assessed, Choate Hall was left with a gaping hole in its roof, and had to begin their process of repairing […]

COVID-19 and the Roofing Industry

It’s no secret that the effect of coronavirus has left many industries in a period of uncertainty. Many workers across the globe are being let go from their jobs through no fault of their own. Similarly, the roofing industry is also greatly impacted by the present circumstances. In this article, we’ll discuss some safety measures […]

Eagle Rivet Is Now CTAA Certified

Eagle Rivet is a commercial roofing company that services primarily the Connecticut area. We provide quality service on all types of buildings including Boston EPDM flat roof. We do emergency roof repairs, annual roof inspections, roof replacements, and even infrared roof moisture surveys. From flat roof systems to multiple-ply roof and Steep pitch roofs, our […]

Eagle Rivet to repair historic memorial

Eagle Rivet is set to repair Soldiers Monument roof, a historic memorial in Winsted, CT after winning the bid at $54,855. There were two other bids one at $98,060 and other at $19,459. “The roof has not undergone extensive repairs since the 120-year-old structure was renovated in the mid-1980s. Repairing the roof will prevent further […]