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Awesome Overhead Video Tour of Hartford

Awesome Overhead Video Tour of Hartford


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Matt Coakley of Blue Mantle media travels the world with his GoPro on a DJI Phantom 2 drone. He enjoys shooting landscapes and cities with his wife, while barely clearing buildings on city tours. The video displayed shows a bird’s-eye-view tour of Hartford, CT. The spectacular scenery is what Coakley enjoys to capture before further drone restrictions are soon applied to drone users. This 3-minute video with jaw-dropping views of landscapes, architecture, city life, and statues will make you want to purchase a drone for yourself. The views that aren’t often seen in a city, such as Boston flat roof systems, are flawlessly captured by a simple camera.

The Maryland film maker gathers a source of pride for Connecticut by making this video. It is a film that has been viewed over and over on Youtube, and the number of viewers keep growing. By traveling all over the world and picking the two nearby cities, Hartford and Providence, allows us to pause and enjoy the beauty that we tend to overlook. This eight hour footage shot in 3 minutes will make you once again appreciate the little things around us that are truly extraordinary. Want to make Hartford more beautiful? Get a great looking roof from Eagle Rivet!”

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