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Choosing the Right Commercial Roofing Repair Contractor: Tips and Tricks

commercial roofing repair contractor

We often don’t give our roofs much more than a passing thought, at least until something goes wrong. From tropical storms to leaks, a damaged commercial roof can take time and money away from your business. Acting quickly is the best way to protect your building and your assets. It will also help you to get operations […]

The Benefits of Commercial Roof Cleaning: Maintaining Your Investment

commercial roof cleaning

What if you were unknowingly throwing thousands of dollars down the drain? No, we’re not talking about a bad stock investment or a failed venture. We’re discussing something so common yet so often overlooked: the roof of your commercial building. Many businesses focus on interiors, technology, or marketing while ignoring the crucial aspect of commercial […]

Commercial Roof Restoration: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Replacement

commercial roof restoration

The average cost of replacing a basic single-ply flat roof ranges from $11 to $14 per square foot. The cost of a full roof replacement is enough to make you wince. You might want to consider a more cost-effective approach. Commercial roof restoration can save you substantial time and money. Restoring a roof can help push back […]

What to Do When You Need Emergency Roof Leak Repair

emergency roof leak repair

The US has an estimated 5.5 million commercial buildings and another 350,000 industrial buildings. Along with the millions of square feet of floor space also comes the many millions of square feet of roof surfaces. Research shows that newer commercial buildings continue to get larger, meaning more roof space. Any one of these commercial spaces, no matter […]

What to Do When You Need Emergency Commercial Roof Leak Repair

commercial roof leak repair

You’re not sure why but water has started to leak into your commercial building. You’re guessing it’s coming from somewhere on the roof. So, you’re wondering: what should you do? Well, you’re going to need emergency commercial roof leak repair. But how do you go about finding it? We will cover that in detail below, showing […]

Commercial Flat Roof: Advantages and Disadvantages Overview

commercial flat roof

Did you know that a commercial flat roof isn’t flat? The size of this slope is usually small, but not zero. Flat roofs must have slopes or else water can’t drain off them. Even with these slopes, commercial flat roofs might struggle to shake off rainwater. That’s perhaps the biggest disadvantage of a flat roof design. […]

The Advantages of EPDM Roofing

EPDM roofing

The average asphalt shingle roof lasts for 15-20 years. Sometimes, storm damage and other factors can cause these roofs to last for shorter periods. These roofing materials also have several vulnerabilities. They can become damaged relatively easily. When this happens, it allows structural damage to worsen. That’s why many people recommend getting your roof inspected twice […]

Examining the Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roofs

commercial metal roof

Commercial Metal Roofs Everybody knows the value of a roof during inclement weather, but there are so many more reasons why investing in a commercial metal roof is essential. Quality roofs certainly add value to commercial property, especially if the proper choice is made. There are various kinds of commercial roofing systems, and decisions must […]

Invest in Preventative Maintenance To Save Money on Your Roof

preventative maintenance

Your business’s roof is one of the most critical components of your building. If it begins to fall apart, the rest of your facility will follow shortly after. Preventative maintenance catches issues before they become worse. Here are a few reasons why preventative maintenance is critical to your budget. Catch Leaks Early Leaks can lead […]

Is It Time To Replace Your Commercial Roof?


Commercial roofs see their fair share of potentially disastrous winds and accumulation between nor’easters, blizzards, and regular weather patterns. Over time, even the most secure roofs may need repair and even replacement. Learn how to decide if your commercial roof should be replaced. Identify Signs of Damages  Because your building is located in an area […]